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Tips For Installing Gutters On Your Home

Tips For Installing Gutters On Your Home

Gutters are a necessary component to your home at the edge of your roof. It helps collect rain water and send it to a specific location around your home. If you need new gutters installed and do not want to do it yourself, contact a reputable company of gutter installation Portland Oregon, such as the one found at cvcpdx.com. If you would like to try and tackle the installation on your own, below are some great tips to get you started.

Planning The Installation

Before you even begin the installation process, it is important to draw up a plan. To do this, you can draw a sketch of the layout of your home. Next, take measurements of all of the walls and add them to your sketch. This can help you know exactly how many feet of gutter material you are going to need. Also, make sure you make a note of where all of the downspouts are located. These areas are the best ones to direct collected rainwater away from your home.

Assembling Gutters To Install

The next step after you make your sketch and measure all of the sides is to start cutting the gutters. To do this, mark the spots you need to cut with a marker and use some duckbill tin snips in order to make clean cuts in the materials. Once all areas are cut, assemble them and prepare them to be put up on the roof.

Install Downspouts

After installing the main gutters, add the downspouts in their proper areas. To make this part of the installation a little easier to do, use a special crimper tool for the installation. After adding the downspouts onto the gutters, be sure to firmly attach them to the wall of your home as well.

Installing gutters yourself is easy to do if you plan ahead and have all of the right tools for the job. If you do not have the time or patience to install your own gutters, it is important to hire a professional to get it done instead.

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