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Fine Options for the Perfect Quality Roofing

The use of rebated roofing began a long time ago. During this period the material was studied in practice and revealed its durable and reliable properties. At present, metal roofing is still the most popular, despite the large assortment of roofing materials on the construction market.


Usually the “weak” part of the roofing is the joints and the places where the elements are fixed to the base of wood.

The seamed roof is sheets that are laid on the roof frame and connected with each other using a special lock. If properly installed, such stacking is considered to be one of the best qualities and hermetically protects the under-roof space.

Previously, the roof was saved from the effects of corrosion by ordinary paint, as there was no special means for protection. However, such measures were not enough to protect the material for a long time. There are a number of quality roofing services available.

Today, an anti-corrosion coating consists of several layers. New processing technologies allow to protect metal to the maximum, due to what the material will last a very long time.

Features of the installation

One of the most important rules of installation: to form the correct bias when laying – no more than 7-10 degrees. This parameter is due to the fact that the fastening of individual elements of the rebated roof is more reliable than the joints of similar elements made of metal.


  1. Delivery to the place of work;
  2. Raising material on the roof;
  3. Mounting the elements on a wooden base;
  4. Creation of a ridge and other profiles (additional);
  5. Installation of elements that detain snow gathering.

Delivery and lifting of the material, it is necessary to carry out carefully, avoiding fractures. For convenience, guide elements are used to lift the sheets.

Roof cover: advantages, stages of installation, advice

For fixing the sheets, use is made of clover. The principle of fastening: one side of the element is fixed rigidly with the crate, and the other is fixed by a rebate to the adjacent sheet.

Advice of professionals

  1. Without proper experience in the construction of roofing material, it is better to entrust responsible work to specialists. From the quality of installation depend comfortable living conditions in the future
  2. Monitor the installation process, even if the construction team is involved;
  3. If there is a strong wind, it is better to suspend the work. So you protect the team from injury and keep the integrity of the elements;
  4. The use of “grinder” in the work is unacceptable – this device burns the protective layer of the material.

These are the options that you can opt for and that is the reason that you can have a fine option now.

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