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Air Cooler- Amazing Varieties Available from Top Brands


All of us, at some point in the past have seen the air cooler that has been part of our growing years. Till about a decade back the air cooler along with the CRT television sets were two most common domestic items that were part of almost every middle-class household in urban India. Both these machines have been our constant source of comfort and entertainment throughout. The cooler especially is still an essential part of the economically lower strata of the society.

An air cooler, also referred to as the desert cooler or the room coolers are electrical devices that help reduce temperatures of a room or a selected space by using water. The mechanism is simple and direct – by filling the air with moisture the temperatures of the area is reduced to bearable limits.

The advantages of using an air cooler are:

  1. Low Cooler price and costs:
  • Cheap cooler price makes it a very viable buy, especially for a country like India where 80% of the total population belongs to the middle and lower middle class. With air coolers available from even top brands at prices that are less than Rs. 5000/-, for people from the lower income groups, the air cooler becomes one of the best options to provide some relief from the oppressing heat.
  • The power consumed by the air cooler to run at optimal speed is about 150 watts which is only 33% more than the wattage required by a ceiling fan.
  • Installation costs are minimal. There are no insulations required and no special attachment or fixing required.
  • Easy and simple maintenance that can be done by the members of the household and does not require any specialized professional service. Spare parts are easy to buy and replace.
  • There is no need of extra investment like buying a stabilizer etc because this machine does not need one
  1. Operations:
  • Humidifies the air while cooling, hence is highly recommended for really dry and hot places
  • Uses water with no harmful emissions in the air.
  • Some of the best coolers in India are the ones that run using solar energy which is even better

All in all, using the air cooler is a win-win situation for the individual as well as for the planet with no harm being caused to the Earth.

There are downsides too to the use of the cooler and if one can work to streamline these drawbacks, the cooler can be a very efficient source of cooling the indoor air.

Some of the downsides are:

  • Manual supervision required from time to time. Air cooler without water is equivalent to a fan with the additional risk of the pump being ruined. Using clean fresh water and cleaning the tank is important.
  • Even if cooler price is less, the air cooler will not serve any purpose in areas that are already humid like places close to the sea. No use buying one just for the sake of low price.
  • No temperature indicator for tracking temperature change.

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