May 28, 2018

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Air Cooler- Amazing Varieties Available from Top Brands

Air Cooler- Amazing Varieties Available from Top Brands


All of us, at some point in the past have seen the air cooler that has been part of our growing years. Till about a decade back the air cooler along with the CRT television sets were two most common domestic items that were part of almost every middle-class household in urban India. Both these machines have been our constant source of comfort and entertainment throughout. The cooler especially is still an essential part of the economically lower strata of the society.

An air cooler, also referred to as the desert cooler or the room coolers are electrical devices that help reduce temperatures of a room or a selected space by using water. The mechanism is simple and direct – by filling the air with moisture the temperatures of the area is reduced to bearable limits.

The advantages of using an air cooler are:

  1. Low Cooler price and costs:
  • Cheap cooler price makes it a very viable buy, especially for a country like India where 80% of the total population belongs to the middle and lower middle class. With air coolers available from even top brands at prices that are less than Rs. 5000/-, for people from the lower income groups, the air cooler becomes one of the best options to provide some relief from the oppressing heat.
  • The power consumed by the air cooler to run at optimal speed is about 150 watts which is only 33% more than the wattage required by a ceiling fan.
  • Installation costs are minimal. There are no insulations required and no special attachment or fixing required.
  • Easy and simple maintenance that can be done by the members of the household and does not require any specialized professional service. Spare parts are easy to buy and replace.
  • There is no need of extra investment like buying a stabilizer etc because this machine does not need one
  1. Operations:
  • Humidifies the air while cooling, hence is highly recommended for really dry and hot places
  • Uses water with no harmful emissions in the air.
  • Some of the best coolers in India are the ones that run using solar energy which is even better

All in all, using the air cooler is a win-win situation for the individual as well as for the planet with no harm being caused to the Earth.

There are downsides too to the use of the cooler and if one can work to streamline these drawbacks, the cooler can be a very efficient source of cooling the indoor air.

Some of the downsides are:

  • Manual supervision required from time to time. Air cooler without water is equivalent to a fan with the additional risk of the pump being ruined. Using clean fresh water and cleaning the tank is important.
  • Even if cooler price is less, the air cooler will not serve any purpose in areas that are already humid like places close to the sea. No use buying one just for the sake of low price.
  • No temperature indicator for tracking temperature change.

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Jan 13, 2018

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Moving from One Office to Another

Moving from One Office to Another

Running a business is hard work. Sometimes, a business owner may need to think expanding their business because their present location simply isn’t quite large enough. In other instances, the lease is at an end. Sometimes, a business owner may decide to sell the business to another investor. In that case, the employees may need to leave their present location for a different place. The company may also be part of a merger. When mergers take place, the new owners often decide that it makes sense for them to switch around the existing organization of the business. Shuffling people to new locations can help create a new vibe. When people are in a new area, this can help them think about the world in new ways.

Moving from One Office to Another

Gathering Things

It helps to start by gathering things first. For example, packing tape can be of use at all times to help keep things in order. Another must for most people who are moving are lots of boxes. Look for boxes that are specially designed for moving. These typically have reinforced sides and heavy-duty cardboard. These are good for those who have lots of items that must be moved and kept in a single place during the move. The packaging tape and the boxes help secure all of the items in place as they are being moved. This way, nothing gets shifted during the move. Large items can be packed with fabrics that are designed to help cushion them through the move. For example, a large desk may need special handling. Pads can help make sure the desk’s drawers stay in place even during a long move.

The Actual Move

As soon as the move starts, many people realize the need to stay on top of things. Many companies choose to hire movers to help out with the move. The movers can grab heavy items and transport them safely. A mover can also help employees decide how best to pack certain items. Many movers also have extra supplies they are happy to provide for their clients. For those who need to move lots of items in the office, this can be a useful addition that allows them to make sure the move is done quickly and easily. Close supervision allows the employee to help make that nothing is lost or broken when being transported from one office to the next.

Settling In

Using the right kind of equipment makes it easier than ever for anyone to make sure they have what they need in the new office space. Each employee may have specific items they need to get started at work such as laptop, personal files and a list of contacts and other proprietary software that is theirs alone. The best move, with the right equipment, the right supplies and thoughtful movers, can help make sure the move is done properly and easily. This way, any employee can simply unpack and get right to work when they’ve moved.


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Jan 11, 2018

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The Various Types of Noise Barriers Available

The Various Types of Noise Barriers Available

In various industries, especially in the transportation sector, there tends to be a large need for noise dampening barriers. These barriers are constructed with one of two intents, to either eliminate the sound all-together or to drastically reduce noise. There are various types of noise barriers constructed depending on the needs of the environment and the level of noise reduction requested.

Noise berms are a traditional type of noise barrier that is cheap to construct and helps to absorb a large number of traffic noises. These berms are constructed out of natural materials, such as rocks, soil, and rubble that is typically left over from the initial construction of the roadway. These materials are stacked up to create a mound that runs alongside the roadway. Noise berms are cheaper to construct than other methods, however, they do not quiet the highway noises as effectively as other methods.

Noise walls are very common to see along major interstates as they do a sizeable job of reducing the highway travel noises. These outdoor sound barrier walls typically come in two different styles. These are single panels that are connected via embedded posts and stacked panels that are placed on top of one another to create a full panel. Both of these types of noise walls are prefabricated at a manufacturing company and freighted into the construction site. These walls can be just a few feet high or 15 to 20 feet high depending on the preference of the noise dampening.

When sound reflections are a specific problem, a tilt noise reduction wall will be installed. This type of wall will allow the sound to reflect off of the tilt in the wall and bounce over the structures which are on the other side of the wall. This type of wall is more effective to reduce noise than traditional noise walls in situations where the height of the initial noise producing location creates sound reflections.

In locations where wall appearance is of high concern, such as in neighborhoods or arenas, the noise reduction walls may be made out of brick and masonry blocks. These provide various types of construction blocks that can formulate specific designs that are more appealing to the eye than traditional slab walls. Since these walls are constructed with bricks, they’re handcrafted on site instead of shipped in like traditional walls.

The last type of noise barrier we’re going to talk about in this article is a stone crib. This may also be referred to as the gabion system in the construction industry. These walls are constructed with blocks that are made up of crushed stones and entrapped by wire mesh. These blocks are placed on one another in a pyramid-like scheme to support structural integrity. These are built as high as the noise reduction purposes designate.

As you can see, there are many different types of noise barrier systems available in the construction industry. The reason to choose one system over the next takes many factors into consideration, such as the amount of noise that needs to be reduced, the amount of space for the barrier to exist, and the aesthetic requirements of the area. By understanding some of the common variations of noise barriers used, you can start to decide on the best barrier for your specific situation.


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Jan 6, 2018

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Questions You Must Ask a Commercial Construction Company

Questions You Must Ask a Commercial Construction Company

Hiring a construction company for your commercial needs can seem like a difficult task. There is typically a plethora of companies at your disposal, it can be hard to figure out which one is the right hire for your job. We are going to help you out by sharing with you the top questions you should be asking any potential hire to ensure they match your needs.

Questions You Must Ask a Commercial Construction Company

The first and most important question you should be asking any potential hire is what they specialize in. You want to understand what past projects they’ve completed so that you can understand if they truly have experience in doing the type of job that you require. For example, if you need sound barrier solutions, you want a company that specifically does that on a daily basis. You don’t want to hire a firm that specializes in something other than the project you need to be done. Rather, you want a firm that does similar projects on a usual basis. This will ensure they have a hassle-free process that will get the job done quickly and effectively.

The next question you should be asking firms who specialize in the area you desire is if they hire subcontractors. It’s vital to know who will be doing the actual job. Some companies will set up all the work and payment with you, however, you will come to find out later that they hire another company to actually do the work. If a subcontractor is going to be hired, you want to know if they have insurance and you should opt for meeting with them before the job starts.

When you are talking with a potential hire, you need to understand if they have insurance or not. The provider you hire should have both liability insurance and workers compensation. Liability insurance will ensure that you can get monetary compensation for any damages that the construction company causes to your property. Workers compensation will ensure that any workers who are injured while working at your property are taken care of by the employer’s insurance. Lack of either type of insurance can mean big problems for you. If they don’t have liability insurance, you could find yourself in court trying to collect damages. If they don’t have workers compensation, you can find yourself getting sued by the injured employee.

The next series of questions you should be asking are about their guarantees, deadlines, and costs. This is when you need to sit down and hash out the specific details. Don’t leave any stone unturned as you don’t want to be dealing with a nasty problem later due to your lack of planning today. Any commercial construction company should be offering you a guarantee and it should be clearly written in the contract. They should be able to give you project deadlines and explain their past records with other projects as far as meeting those deadlines. Breaking down the specific costs is a must so you understand what services you will be paying for and any situations in which a price may fluctuate.

When hiring a commercial construction company, there are many things you want to consider. It pays to take the time to ask specific questions about each business so that you are not dealing with an unexpected shock later. We urge you to read over the list above multiple times and ask any potential firms these questions before hiring them to ensure they will get the job done correctly.


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Jun 28, 2017

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The Surprising Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Sometimes there’s nothing more frustrating than having to clean your own home. That frustration can get compounded when you factor in the fact that you probably have to squeeze your cleaning in between a job and perhaps looking after the kids. Pets running around can only make things more complicated.

Doesn’t the idea of having a professional cleaning service come to your home and handle all your cleaning duties sound convenient? For millions of homeowners it does. The reason is that a professional cleaning service has all the right tools for any kind of job that they’re likely to come across.

A professional cleaning service has cleaned hundreds of homes, apartments, and offices in the past. Many premier professional cleaning services also come with their own supplies and eco-friendly cleaning products. The latter keeps your family and pets safe while ensuring that your home gets the cleaning that it deserves.

If the thought of mopping, dusting hard to reach places, or scrubbing out nasty stains from around the sink doesn’t appeal to you, then a professional cleaning service might really be the way to go. Cleaning Pros can clean up your home or apartment without any obligation of your part to sign a contract.

In fact, cleaning services these days don’t even require you to prepay in any way. This means that you’ll get your home nearly spotless without lifting a finger and without shelling out more money than you should. Professional cleaning services are also extremely flexible and can be perfectly aligned to your schedule.

The convenience of hiring a professional cleaning service goes even further since a cleaning crew can come by your home on a regular, repeatable schedule. If you’re a working father who needs to have a cleaning service come in on the weekends during vacations with the kids, then you can just hire a cleaning service to stop by on Saturday or Sunday. It’s really that simple!

professional cleaning service can give your home a truly deep clean. Even with eco-friendly products you’d be surprised at how thorough a professional cleaning service can scrub away grime and dust away debris from hard-to-reach places. Professionals have seen any problem that can occur at least once, so they know exactly the kinds of steps to take and products to use to get your home looking spotless.

A lot of times homeowners can get into a rut in terms of cleaning their homes. We scrub certain areas thoroughly but might habitually miss other spots. Little crevices and hard-to-reach places in the bathroom, for instance, might constantly evade our attention. On top of that, the tools at most homeowner’s disposal might be the culprit as well. Sometimes a broom alone doesn’t cut it.

The professionals have the tools, experience, and resources to efficiently clean your home. You can even hire a professional cleaning service to make scheduled stops at your home on a particular weekday or perhaps every other weekend.

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