Saving Garden Ideas

In this vegetable garden layout guide you’ll locate fairly a couple of various suggestions for receiving inventive in your yard and arranging a garden to suit your own individual style. Figure 21 illustrates the layout of a typical yard that incorporates many of the concepts all through the landscape. I absolutely loved this and the handy tiny tool, I am going to have so significantly entertaining displaying all the approaches I could make my garden appear. Some other will enjoy these concepts and I am going to add you link here to my hyperlink about gardening anyplace. Focus to the height of the flowers you pick for your wild garden is really the only rule that applies. Garden lights do look lovely and there are so many eyecatching ornaments you can acquire to create your personal theme. To create a fantastic garden takes very good arranging and designing upfront to get it appropriate.

Use a knife or garden scissors to reduce an X” in the landscape fabric and peel it back away from where you will be digging your hole. In this narrow garden bed, a trio of rustic wooden trellises help flowering vines at the back of the perennial border. The spot you choose for your little garden pond is definitely a question of personal style and choice. Fairy gardens are miniature garden styles with modest specifics that give the look of tiny creatures living in the garden. You can, of course, use treated wood for a longer life, but I have discovered untreated wood will give me from 5 to ten years of use, and I am all about saving money. You require to weed the area and plant each portion just below the surface, pointy finish up. Then cover the ground lightly with mulch. No problem, rocks are readily offered to fix that dilemma and to hold down the landscape fabric.

Garden planters are a wonderful way to develop a container garden for increasing vegetables, fruits and flowers. This can be an exceptional selection for a small garden or learning what is required if you choose to upgrade at a later date. The objective of this color scheme is to generate an environment comparable to a garden exactly where the beauty of butterflies are greatly appreciated. Greatest of all, it is the 1 plant that you can place into the worst spot in your garden and it will thrive. My favored book is is Jerry Bakers old time garden wisom and Great Garden Forumula.

There is even a viola that in colour is closer to black than purple it is known as Viola ‘Bowles Black’ This viola reseeds freely about the garden but is not invasive and is very easily removed or transplanted. Discover far more Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Pinterest — where you can save and organize your preferred DIY tips and projects.

You can do this by experimenting with various geometric shapes (for the paths or the garden beds) subsequent to each and every other or overlapping, robust lines or repetition of components to get the preferred effect. Mulch not only makes your container veggie or flower garden look far better, it helps to shield the soil from invasive seeds and dehydration. Next to a green lawn, coffee bean-colored mulch is a great contrast,” says Paul Fraynd, owner of Sun Valley Landscaping in Omaha, Neb. Old (I wrote a Hub about my old home), and a garden like this would be perfect.

The Soil – The soil employed for a vegetable garden has to have sufficient organic material and have a great structure and be properly-drained. A extremely well-liked mulch utilised to kill already existing weeds in beds would be cardboard mulch. Other type of edges that can be located in a vintage garden are paths that can consists of gravel, grass or stone ore flat rocks paths. These stones were placed on a mulch foundation that is very effortless to operate with and quite soft underfoot. Notice numerous aspects such as what type of rocks had been utilised, how the region is planted with foliage. This recycled upside down garden thought is ideal for these who live in apartments or you could just hang your plants on the porch if you have one particular. Paint a preferred watering can in a bright enamel paint and plant it extremely simply for a nation garden effect. We have a conventional vegetable garden, good to see some great garden layouts.…

50 Recycled Container Gardening Ideas

From beach stone garden edging to miniature gardens for little ones, recycled pallet furniture to regrowing vegetables from scraps ‘ I’ve put collectively five genuinely excellent garden concepts which will give you loads of inspiration for your subsequent project. Because these earlier days, interest has not flagged for right here is a way of having a garden of manageable size, straightforward to tend, and exactly where specific treasures of the alpine plant planet can be grown a lot more effortlessly than anywhere else.

If you have a pool in your yard, which most men and women in South Florida do, you want to be certain that you have landscaped the region around it. This will really add to your yard and make the region by the pool a place exactly where people want to hang out.

Whether you are hunting to transform an inauspicious roof space or balcony garden into a fashionable urban garden, generate the perfect alfresco dining location full with dramatic lighting or go all out with quirky functions and accessories, we’ve chosen a selection of our favourite style ideas to inspire.

Becoming that it was spring when I caught the bug to create my garden, it tends to be a small windy, so it was evident that my rock strategy was really not going to hold down my landscape fabric, but the mulch did the job and added a small visual interest to my empty garden region.

Since I personal a landscape organization I am going to setup a 15×60 area that gets excellent sun and will adjust shade as necessary by moving some bigger trees about with the bobcat.I’ll be back for far more info this is my 1st real shot @ a garden.thank you for sharing.

The very first step in drawing up a operating plan signifies assessing the existing potential of the garden right plant placement, pest manage, feeding, focal points, object of interest, what may be re-employed, what need to be removed are all aspects of landscaping.…

Garden Design Concepts, Inspiration & Pictures

From post and wall lights to solar powered and safety lights, you will locate every thing you need to have to illuminate your garden in B&Q’s outside lighting range. Once you have designed some hiding locations in your garden for these tiny, winged guests, you might want to give your special fairy land a name. I may possibly really be in a position to manage a garden on this scale something larger is way out of my skill set! Yet another successful (and price-efficient) garden pest repellent is homemade insect soap.

Our helpful hints and guidelines will help you program your space and create your ideal garden. I have moved and built yet another garden recently, so that lens is a perform in progress. Replace organic material mulch like wood chips or pine straw with pea gravel or river rocks. Sadly I do not have a garden large sufficient for a pond, even a tiny a single, but I really like to look at them – blessings from the Landscape Angel. Space them out in your property garden so that when they develop up they will have enough space to branch out with out entangling with the next plant. The point is that mulch is simple: Select a cool colour and texture, then dump it, spread it, and overlook it.

The soil can be thrown up to make a mound facing southeast or south west — the perfect elements for rock gardens — and also to give protection to the pond life from the north. You can get lots of suggestions on methods to use stones, stumps, logs and branches in your landscape décor by reading books, hunting at residence improvement web sites, and really looking at neighboring lawns. Marcy – We have a lot of area for our garden but I know that some men and women are not fortunate. It is wonderful to know that others likes these tips and I hope Bev will like them too! The summer season is the ideal time to devote your time in your garden and loosen up.

I have been trying to find a way to maximize my garden space so I can get the most of what I have. If your Interested in one more easy way to make your garden lovely you should use Rubber Mulch! In south Florida’s premier fishing fleet, you can effortlessly host the convention of the business or you can take your family members to enjoy the trip. A 4×4 foot garden is an perfect size if you’re just starting out on your gardening endeavors. Lay straw or grass in the center of the hut so that the kids will have anything good to stroll on.

I live on a number of acres of trees and have an abundance of organic materials offered to me. Ideas come to me as I operate on my landscape. Since most gardens branch out from a patio, deck or terrace, the style of these two spaces need to go hand-in-hand with your garden. Believe of a buddy inside walking distance of your property who has a yard big adequate for a garden. Spices such as oregano, basil, and chives also do very nicely in a window box garden. I typically uncover that plants appear last on the list when somebody is searching for small garden concepts and as we know plants are the most important element of any garden, big or modest. I enjoyed searching at these layouts and thinking about how I could rearrange my personal garden.

If it is already springtime when you are making use of the pumpkin, just spot a couple of of the seeds with the debris from the pumpkin in a suitable spot in the garden. Add three seeds (beans, corn, raw peanut, cotton) Transfer to garden when it warms up outside. The garden is normally divided into four square or rectangular garden beds with two perpendicular paths (like a plus sign +) running amongst them. Wonderful images and suggestions for the any individual who would like an additional way of creating funds or who is just interested in a gorgeous garden. I do nothing in a little manner, so I am afraid our garden is a bit bigger than these…really a bit larger. So dig in, hang onto to your funds, and see how organic practices, resourcefulness, and a dash of ingenuity can get you a beautiful, thriving garden.…

How To Make A Fairy Garden In A Planter

I became a gardener 17 years ago when we purchased our first house, a north-facing ranch set on a corner of a block exactly where the rest of the residences faced east or west. This spectacular 22-hectare (55-acre) garden in the heart of Vancouver has matured into a botanical garden of international stature since opening to the public in 1975. A single sink or trough garden can turn out to be a feature on a terrace or be utilized as an alternative of a sundial, or to terminate a vista at the end of a path. You never require an Italian ancestry or to have even traveled to wine country Italy to appreciate a beautiful Tuscan Garden or Tuscany-appear Patio.

My girlfrind utilised an old infant bed in her garden and planted flowers in the frame. On the Naturally Gifted internet site you will discover some excellent gift ideas that you can pick from when purchasing the right present for your mother. Adding fairy homes, charming cottages, small tables and garden benches, pergolas and arbors improve and beautify your Fairy gardens. From arranging a new garden to refreshing an existing space, our sensible design and style suggestions will support you develop a layout to match your requirements, interests and lifestyle.

We just started planning out our new raised garden which we are creating out of cinder blocks. If you never have the time or commitment to devote to gardening, then neatly pruned hedges, statement paving, hanging baskets, garden benches and outdoor lighting are all decorative, low upkeep garden ideas for your front garden design. You also can acquire landscaping rocks and have these installed so that you dress up the location a little bit more. These bushes will reseed and new plants will develop nearby, to be used in your garden or offered away.

Be certain to take a look at the Family Trip Planner for lots of other great trip tips that will save you income and make your summer a lot more entertaining. But prior to we go to far the most crucial thing you must do prior to soil preparation is to have a place for your oraganic garden is a place that gets 6 good hours of sunlight every single day. But components worthy of the planting can take a garden to distinctive and thrilling new heights. Delighted to acquire your comments and what an fascinating story about the tires in Thailand!

I have a raised bed (no sides) vegetable garden which is rapidly (nicely, slowly really!) taking more than all the grass: my partner appears forward to the day when there is no more weedwhacking or mowing! Revolutionary and beautiful concepts…. thanks for sharing this…I look forward to apply this idea in any of my recycled items….I have bookmark this hub…. as I constantly really like to nurture with innovative ideas! Do not count on your garden host to feed you lunch or bring you cups of tea or coffee don’t waste their water turning on the hose when it is not required and do not even ask to use their toilet. His first year with a vegie garden in australia and he’s making full use of the Perth sun!…

Lajin Stretch And Exercise By Xiao Hongchi

If you want to get the most out of your residence renovation dollars at resale, remain away from the bathrooms. IF THE Property IS NOT APPEARING: Try reloading a save that is on a distinct cell, or quicktravel to some other place and then back. Hi everyone, Fyi I do have intriguing LaJin Paida videos , Power point (in English) and other informative materials…all by our Great Master Xiao.

If yours is the only master suite on the block, you are going to recoup much less than if master suites are normal in your neighborhood. A dear friend of mine shared with me two days ago the videos Master Xiao made, and I shared the information with my roommate correct away. Our reputation as a Registered Master Builder is constructed on top quality and backed up by the several accolades we have collected from the Registered Master Builders Residence of the Year Awards, each regionally and nationally.

Steal underutilized space: Incorporate that seldom utilised guest room — even better, that additional bathroom — into your master suite. When closed, it makes two separate bedroom spaces when raised, it creates a huge master suite. The current master of University College is Maurice Tucker, a Durham graduate and a professor of Geological Sciences in the Department of Earth Sciences. A WETT inspection consists of inspection of all readily visible components of wood-burning fireplaces and appliances and connected chimneys to determine whether or not code compliant, installed appropriately, appropriately maintained and protected. The study/bedroom supplies versatile space with a charming window seat and coffered ceiling, and each extra bedroom has its own walk-in closet.

Although the new residential college dormitory was to be built in the Collegiate Gothic style, the University was determined that the accompanying house must reflect a a lot more Modernist disposition. As some of you could, or may possibly not know, Pete and I will quickly be moving out of our apartment and into an additional old property in another state which we closed on yesterday! This new Exclusive Drummond Plans’ collection from Drummond Home Plans, available only on this internet site, reflect the existing direction in residential architecture and. Finish unfinished space: Convert unfinished basement , attic , or even garage space into a master suite.

A master suite addition is a spot to contact your personal — no kiddie toys, no teens hogging the bathroom — a heavenly space exactly where you can bathe, dress, or merely relax in peace. The master of a college is the head of a community, and requires component in a wide variety of activities, a lot of of which are student-organised. Our expertise as Registered Master Builders will offer you with a total ‘turn-key’ resolution and a assure that you will take pleasure in way of life living at its very best! If you strategy to remain in your residence for another 3 to 5 years, adding a private oasis could just be … priceless. Several of these properties were really grand, three bays wide with entry hall, and two rooms deep with a kitchen wing or back building and pantry. So, I would contemplate myself more a jack of all trades, master of none hence, the title of the blog.

In contrast to row house developments of the past, corner houses no longer featured commercial space for a store or bar. If you are in Penang, really feel free to drop in to my residence and I am glad to share this personal experience with you. The early 1900s saw large row residence developments when builders created entire new neighborhoods. A former carpenter and newspaper reporter, Oliver Marks has been writing about home improvements for 16 years. A sparkling master bath with clean lines will charm open-home-goers with contemporary upgrades like dual vanities and soaking tubs. A city improvement office offered technical and economic aid with a city backed loan system for the restoration of older homes.…

Curved Garden Edging

In far more than forty years of travel, Stafford Cliff—designer and gardener—has gathered a planet’s worth of inspiration on components to boost a garden. Right here In my (English) garden the south facing side of the garden gets far more light and sunshine although the north facing side is often a cooler and a lot more shaded with much less sunny spot for plants. In reality, some of the greatest garden styles demand really little upkeep at all – and they don’t have to incorporate a massive slab of pavement, either. I generally only spot one particular to three Dragon Tears to a pool or along a garden stream.

Nonetheless, before you sign up for a South Florida boxing course it is essential to don’t forget that unlike sports like baseball or football boxing entails dangers of injuries. Place – 1 of the genuinely fundamental needs for a productive vegetable garden is a sunny place, preferably out of the wind. If you have great soil and a small additional room, the in-ground garden bed can be a extremely economical decision. Some people consider decorative gravels as mulch, landscape mulch is defined as an organic material that is used as a ground cover. Gutter gardens also offer a bit of a natural privacy fence or divider for your garden location.

I have numerous cedar branches and logs in the garden from a storm 3 years ago, they are nonetheless seeking nice. Once you have your plants chosen and have laid them out in your garden plot you happen to be at the point exactly where some digging will be necessary. A perfect garden can be very gorgeous also but I choose the vintage style and it suits my life proper now! The size of region that the plants and flowers will occupy will dictate to a certain extent what plants you will be able to purchase and plant in your garden. If you are a gardener, or just adore a gorgeous garden, the Van Dusen Garden is a magnificent location. I have a gardening lens myself which shows my no dig garden built from scratch. We have a garden at house, but this will make for some adventures this year in designing it a bit differently with the loved ones. When getting plants for the garden you will be capable to choose ones that will suit their location and will thrive in their place.

This post at describes nicely how a good top quality, but pretty pricey garden container can really prove to be economical. I’m giving this to Bev so possibly we can incorporate these suggestions into our new garden plans. Make friends w/ the garden centers in your area-if they are knowledgeable they can be a wealth of info & generally are content to assist.

These hardscape regions and structures support to maintain the spatial organization of the garden during instances of the year when plant material might be thin. If you’re not a big fan of hydroponics and just want a basic, soil-primarily based herb garden for your residence, you are in luck. I have utilised a range of components more than the final handful of years and find that larger River rocks are the ones I utilised most. Plants that are both quite and functional can work much better for restricted spaces than a pragmatic or orderly garden. An additional way to garden cheaply is to know which books you truly and which are significantly less than you hoped.

It is critical to maintain the decorative points in your garden in line with the size of your garden. It’s the tiny locations where the new tips come from that are at some point are implemented in the larger concerns. Timber edging necessary either sawing and striating the wood to enable for a bending curve to suit a small radius or else employing slapped with each other slices of thin veneers whose ever-duringness was often in query. In the starting however it is very best to play secure and plant your tiny garden with plants and flowers that will thrive and flourish in the conditions that exist there. The much more sun the vegetable garden gets, the far more productive it will be. A vegetable garden looks best when it is enclosed by berry bushes and dwarf fruit trees.…

10 Very best Landscaping Concepts

The final aspect of beautifying a residence is generally the garden, patio or other outside areas and understandably so. Landscaping can only take location as soon as all the creating to-ing and fro-ing or internal and external alterations have taken spot. If you are increasing potatoes or have a tomato patch or, for that matter, have also couple of weeds to be generating a healthful mulch around your plants, you can rake your grass clippings when they’ve had time to dry and distribute them as a mulch across your garden.

1 way to layout your kitchen garden is a potager garden , which is a gorgeous ornamental vegetable garden where vegetables, herbs and flowers are chosen according to their aesthetic worth as properly as their edible worth and are mixed with each other in a single or a lot more vegetable garden beds.

Anything I’ve noticed a lot of on Pinterest not too long ago is the vertical garden, exactly where you use pallets or other components leaning against a wall or fence and encourage the vegetables to develop up. I’m pondering about container gardening considering that I do not have a lot of outdoor space at my apartment.Thanks for an fascinating lens.

As a kid I would make tiny fairy homes from quite a lot everything I could find in nature so I guess that’s what attracted them and they are still sticking about =). But as I fear they might be leaving soon I will probably be performing some fairy garden projects this year.

You could want to opt for front garden designs that blend well with the style of your house – for example, abundant foliage and flowerbeds will perfectly complement a period house, whereas man-created components, geometric shapes and contrasting textures are fantastic concepts for a contemporary garden style.

Then make a specific note of residence windows and arrange for some selected feature to be seen at its greatest from each window — a rose garden from the lounge, probably, or a little paved region with a bird-table to be noticed from the kitchen window and interest the washer-up.…

House Style On 6m X 15m Plots

HAMBURG – In the undesirable old days, city apartment buildings often permitted entry to postal or emergency workers with a single master important, which was effortlessly copied or sold on the black market place. Shower fittings by Michael S. Smith for Kallista are utilised in the master bath, which features boldly veined marble surfaces. It was an interview with Master Xiao by Anne Margrethe of the Home Planet Network at the Beyond 2012” conference in the Newton Hotel, Nairn, Inverness, Scotland. This surely happened in Edward Cowper’s time as master but later rather fell by the wayside. As cities grew larger, land owners realized they could make more money by creating homes, promoting the properties, but renting the land under the properties. For his Nantucket property ‘s master bath, designer Gary McBournie chose Waterworks hardware in unlacquered brass, so that it would tarnish and age. Master Xiao was once a productive financier in Wall Street and Hong Kong for much more than a decade.

Positive, alterations are bound to pop up along the way, but maintaining the massive image in thoughts and coming up with a master strategy will help you address your home as a complete. Bumping out your residence to add a master suite implies giving up yard space, excavating, pouring a foundation, framing — the complete shebang that needs the complete variety of tradesmen, from roofer to plumber to tile-setter.

The extent of the inspection and sampling might be restricted to one particular location or a single side of house or contain the whole exterior of property subject to observed situations and client request. Spacious and luxurious, this beautiful bathroom is a peaceful escape reserved for the masters of the home. In a Charleston guest residence , the master bathroom’s sinks are by Kohler, the unlacquered brass fittings are by Watermark Styles and the shower is lined in Alabama white marble. Second story bay windows with swags and decorated cornices created these properties beautiful.

The property was at initial supposed to be just a modest home mod, but as I went on I wanted to add a dungeon, new gear and a tiny story to go with it. The master bedroom doesn’t have an en suite, but the second-floor bathroom has some luxury functions, like a two-particular person whirlpool tub. A WETT inspection is an inspection of strong-fuel-burning fireplaces, stoves and other appliances carried out by an inspector educated and certified via programs conducted by the Wood Power Technologies Transfer, Inc. Builders and speculators started to erect related rows of elegant homes with commercial space beneath and residential space in the upper stories. Grand residences have been built along principal thoroughfares even though middle class properties were built on side streets.

Phase and completed home inspections, provide an assessment of the situation of installed elements to supplement code compliance inspection provided by nearby authorities obtaining jurisdiction more than creating permits and inspection specifications. For these who get pleasure from the outdoors, choose a program with a patio or porch that opens off the master suite. The use of RFID cards for master creating locks is a particularly sensitive subject, as residents themselves usually lack access to the keys themselves, and are dependent on house managers to develop a secure environment. This 1 is significantly newer – one hundred years newer, in fact – than the last property. Second floor master bedrooms are usually tucked away at the finish of a hall or more than the garage area. I just passed by your residence just right now to see how it was going… now I see this.…

“How To Make A Living Fairy Garden Indoors”

In my component of Europe a new variety of garden is coming up a Vintage garden ! Your property may possibly be your castle, but rather than surround it with a moat, use any of these ten fantastic yard landscaping tips to add warmth, colour, and texture to the location you love to live. Of course all organic gardens have an occasional invasion, but I can honestly say that despite the myriad of possible pests that make life miserable for gardeners in Australia, my organic garden seldom sees any of them. Architecture & Design and style is an on the web magazine that tries to unite all these orbiting in the Architecture Art and Design and style sphere. You undoubtedly have opened my eyes in hunting at my garden in a different way and for the greater of course. Think about making use of shelves or hanging pots to create a vertical space-saving vegetable garden on your patio.

This is a fantastic idea for small garden spaces because it aids you to maintain your garden location separate from your lawn. We’ve typically had a small vegetable garden every year but out town had sprayed for Japanese beetles a couple of years back & we have one particular more year before we can plant once more. A formal assymetrical garden layout is ideal if you never want to be as well rigid but you do prefer a sense of order. Using decorative flagstones or cobblestones for edging your garden beds creates a classic appear that suits cottage gardens and nation properties. Final year the tomato garden had 220 buckets of tomatoes in it. Container gardening lets us grow most of our own food even even though our soil is mainly rocks and coal. In my current residence I have the space and your lens has offered me a heap of suggestions.

As you may have guessed hedges that want continual care and pruning is not the a single to pick in a vintage garden. A miniature garden is great for teaching youngsters about how to grow plants – and a excellent way for them to learn how to nurture and appear right after our small green friends! Herb garden style suggestions Herb garden design and style ideas,Herb garden style and Photos,Herb garden design concepts and Lighting Photo. The critical issues are to preserve the total garden size tiny (by deer standards) and to have a series of beds so there is not a great landing region for jumping deer. I have a fancy garden journal or two that I never ever utilized since they seemed also very good to create in!

In this way you have the flexibility to keep your garden movable, so you can rearrange it and add to it. We have koi in the canal outdoors our developing but that is as close as we’ll get to a garden pond as long as we reside inTokyo. I really like your ideas and think I will try to find a logical way to perform a hyperlink to this hub into my hub on container gardening. Something you can grow in a container garden you can grow even better in a raised-bed garden. They are often confronted with problems that might hamper them from starting their personal herb garden.

Kids’ Vegetable GardensFind out about arranging, planting, and preserving a child’s vegetable garden even if you do not have a lot of area. An in-ground garden of 500 square feet is sufficient to feed a family of four for eight months out of the year with a lot left more than to share with household, close friends, and neighbors. Each and every of these yard landscaping concepts is each desirable and functional, so let them stir your imagination. Some concepts for baby shower table decorations incorporate flowers displayed in votive holder, vintage tins as vases, arrangements in champagne flutes, herb gardens, bag-covered vases and a crudite centerpiece. My dad, the Waterwheelman, has a pond and a stream that he create in his back garden as a location to function his waterwheel.…

The Lazy Gardener’s Rapid And Easy Instant Landscaping

Just simply because you happen to be not interested in cultivating a green thumb doesn’t imply your yard has to be boring. All of the plant material is Florida-Friendly, and particulars about every single plant can be found in The Florida-Friendly Landscaping Guide to Plant Choice & Landscape Design and style on the Florida-Friendly website, The overall effect is a nicely-organized and functional garden with a assortment of low-care, aesthetically pleasing plants.

Soon after deciding on just the appropriate plants for my soil variety and climate circumstances, the very first point I do is to set them about the garden and determine specifically exactly where I want them to go. I choose the highest plants for the back of the garden and start to sort the others by size.

A backyard is intended for relaxing, entertaining and playtime, so never opt for a standard lawn and patio just because absolutely everyone else is. Contemplate allocating areas of your backyard for activities such as dining and barbecues, reading a book and playing with the youngsters.

Back gardens usually provide much more space than front garden designs and serve a far more recreational goal, so it really is essential to know how you want to devote time in your garden prior to you design it in order to create in the features that you will take pleasure in.

The house owner wants to take into consideration any additional attributes they may possibly demand such as customized water functions, irrigation, garden related building which involves paving, retaining walls, garden walls, outside kitchens or BBQ locations, pergolas patio’s and possibly even exterior decorating items.

With a designer’s eye and a gardener’s heart, Cliff has assembled an endless array of concepts, from all over the globe, to make a garden far more individual: fences and pools, paths and benches, statues and waterfalls, borders and bridges— even birdhouses and follies.…